Our history

Driven by curiosity and a strong passion for creating effective skincare products for both men and women in search of cleaner and more beautiful skin – and with the dream of combining the best natural and active ingredients – we launched our own independent Danish brand of skin care products in 2010: Jorgobé Skincare – Copenhagen.

A clear set of values as a driving force

Our goal with Jorgobé has always been to develop innovative, natural and highly effective products with no unnecessary chemical additives. You apply our products to your skin, therefore we guarantee that all our products are vegan, not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, mineral oils, silicone, artificial colours or paraffin. At Jorgobé effectiveness, environment and health always go hand in hand.

We are dedicated to details

Right from the beginning our desire was to control every detail concerning retailers, branding, design, packaging and most importantly product development. Our products were to stand out from the rest, be presented in a simple yet exclusive, Nordic packaging and priced at a level affordable for everyone. Being an independent brand means that Jorgobé is not controlled by a group of shareholders exclusively set on making money. Therefore, we fully control the ingredients added to our products, place of production, price and who we are willing to sell our products to.

The start of a Nordic Bestseller

Our first product launched was Jorgobé The Original Black Peel Off Mask, which was sold through a trade page for private buyers. The original idea was to just test the market potential, but within a few months, the entire production of 10,000 units was sold. Having received several awards, at Grooming Awards among others, and recommendations in ELLE and other international fashion and beauty magazines, we were approached by a growing number of dealers, and already in 2012 The Original Black Peel Off Mask was one of the best-selling face masks in Scandinavia.

Since then products, awards and markets have multiplied

Today Jorgobé is sold in more than 3,000 stores across Europe. Including Danish and international department stores and chains such as Selfridges & Co., KaDeWe, Douglas Cosmetics, VITA, KICKS, Matas and Magasin. And more new products, markets and shops are on the way…


Yours truly,

Nicklas & Dan
Founders of Jorgobé Skin Care – Copenhagen